Chemical peeling
Cosmetic Medicine

Purpose ?

Les peelingsChemical peels stimulate the mechanisms responsible for regeneration of the deep layers of the skin. They act both on the surface (by producing smooth, radiant skin with a uniform complexion) and in depth (by stimulating natural epidermal and dermal syntheses).

Superficial peels with glycolic acid

Starting two weeks before the peel, the skin is prepared by daily application of appropriate cosmeceuticals that leave it cleaner and clearer, with tightened pores.

There is no downtime with this type of peel (also referred to as a « lunch” or “working girl” peel). Make-up can be applied immediately after the procedure. Come to the office at lunchtime and return to work with a glowing complexion! This type of peel must be repeated 1 to 4 times to achieve an optimum result.

Medium peels with trichloroacetic acid (TCA) 

Indicated for the treatment of brown spots, fine lines and “tired” complexions, medium chemical peels often require a period of convalescence. Make-up cannot be applied the same day.