Permanent laser hair removal

How does laser hair removal work?

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Laser hair removal reduces the density of hair growth and eliminates unwanted hair, regardless of the zone, in both men and in women.

During a free initial consultation, the practitioner will have you fill out a questionnaire and examine you to make sure the procedure is not contra-indicated. Feel free to ask any questions you may have about permanent laser hair removal at this time.

Your doctor will provide you with more details for your individual case and give you a personalized cost estimate after your first visit and free evaluation.

With the exception of the face (for which your doctor will give you specific details when he establishes the cost estimate), the zone to be treated will be carefully shaved before the session so that the tip of the hair is flush with the skin (on average, a hair length of less than 1 mm). Waxing can be performed up to 15 days before your laser session. However, for the initial informative visit and possible test, it is best to conserve your natural hair growth pattern so that the physician can decide on the best solution for your specific case and give you all necessary recommendations for your first session.

An appropriate laser handpiece is passed methodically over the zone to be treated. The epidermis is continuously cooled by a stream of cold air during the treatment.

Treatment is generally not painful aside from a sensation of warmth and temporary tingling.

Application of the laser destroys only those follicles containing hairs in the active growth phase (anagen phase). Hairs in the rest phase cannot be removed until they enter the regrowth phase. This means that a series of sessions is necessary for hair removal; their number and duration depend on the surface area and the hair growth cycle of the zone to be treated.  However, as an indication, satisfactory results are usually obtained with 5 to 7 sessions spaced out over a little more than one year.

After permanent laser hair removal

Post-treatment course: During laser hair removal, redness (erythema) associated with slight swelling may appear and disappear in several hours.  Tiny crusts that may form at the base of hairs will fall off several days after laser treatment.

A moisturizing cream is applied after treatment.  A broad-spectrum sunscreen must be used for one month after each laser hair removal session.