Transillumination – Accuvein – Ultrasound


Transillumination - Accuvein - Echo

Transillumination using a cold light source placed on the skin surface reveals the superficial subcutaneous venous network that is otherwise undetectable or only slightly visible to the naked eye.

The difference in the refraction and absorption of light by the tissues allows visualization of most of the intradermal veins lying within the first three millimeters beneath the epidermis. Reticular varicose veins are particularly well visualized, as are subdermal varicose branches that are usually hard to detect by ultrasound-guided Doppler.

A guarantee of security, transillumination improves sclerotherapy of these small vessels and facilitates accurate marking of those small varicose veins destined for surgical treatment by phlebectomy.


The AccuVein® vein illumination device displays a real-time map of the vasculature directly on the surface of the skin and can reveal veins as deep as 10 mm beneath the surface.

Doppler ultrasoundEchographie–doppler

Doppler ultrasound is performed with the patient standing on a medical step stool. 

The latest generation General Electric Vivid S5 Premium ultrasound system is used to search for any pathological venous reflux lasting more than one second.