Skin Tightening

Skin tightening (treatment of sagging skin)Skin Tightening laser esthétique

Principle of skin tightening:

The production of collagen and elastin plays a capital role in the battle against skin aging. Elastin gives the skin its elasticity while collagen ensures its structure and firmness.

Laser treatment stimulates the natural production of new collagen, thereby restoring skin firmness and elasticity.

Before a skin tightening session:

Prolonged sun exposure must be avoided three weeks before and three weeks after the session.

During a skin tightening session:

Each session lasts approximately 30 minutes (full face treatment) and may cause slight tingling.

After a skin tightening session:

The skin redness that develops after treatment usually disappears within a few hours. In some cases, redness may persist for up to 24 hours and be accompanied by slight swelling.

Treatment is rapid and noninvasive; normal social activities are not disturbed because no convalescence period is necessary.

Post-treatment care:

A super moisturizing cream must be applied after the session two or three times a day for two days.
Daily activities can be resumed immediately after the treatment. Make-up can be applied after the session.

Number of sessions:

On average, five sessions are required (one a month).


Although a difference can be noted after the first session, results become visible over a period of time.

Stimulation of collagen and elastin production restores skin firmness and smoothens out wrinkles.

The result varies from one person to another, but a minimum improvement of 50% is obtained in most cases.

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