Scars & LPG

The LPG technique is highly effective for the treatment of scars, regardless of their appearance (inflammatory or not), origin (trauma, burn, surgery) or whether they are recent or more ancient.
The “Roll and Lift” heads work together to mobilize and stimulate the tissue, meaning faster results and considerably improved efficacy.  Treatment is also much less painful than manual scar tissue massages.En plus des résultats accélérés, le traitement est bien moins douloureux qu’une mobilisation manuelle.

The LPG Technique :

  •  improves healing by optimizing the microcirculation;
  • reduces inflammation;
  • minimizes painful phenomena related to the scar;
  • prevents the formation of adhesions (bands of scar tissue);
  • softens the tissue by optimizing the production of « good » collagen;
  • improves scar tissue function and esthetics.