Lifestyle recommendations

To start with, adopt several simple dietary and lifestyle recommendations:

Avoid all sources of heat:

  • Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight
  • Avoid radiant floor heating
  • Avoid overly-frequent hammam and sauna sessions

Keep in mind the virtues of cold water :

  • Spray cold water on your legs once or twice a day, starting at the foot and proceeding upwards toward the thighs

Practice a regular physical activity :

  • Walking at a brisk pace and swimming are particularly recommended.
  • Move!
  • At work, don’t stay seated too long without moving:  get up regularly and walk around.
  • Avoid remaining immobile in a standing position for too long.

High heels or flats?

  • Neither high heels nor completely flat shoes are recommended; 4 to 5 cm heels are optimum

Sleeping position

  • Always sleep with your legs raised up slightly higher than your head.
    Tip: place two telephone directories underneath the mattress rather than cushions, which rapidly flatten out.

Compression stockings (knee-high, thigh-high or pantyhose) 

« I’ll never wear the same horrible contention stockings as my grandmother! »

The term contention is still sometimes used in error. Contention is rigid, whereas today’s compression hosiery is elastic and actively applies pressure to the skin and subjacent tissues.

The prescription of compression stockings is a medical act. Enormous progress has been made in this field. Today’s compression hose are thinner, more comfortable, and esthetically comparable to « classical » stockings. They are thus better accepted and easier to wear. A class 2 compression stocking is indicated for most clinical situations.

Worn on a regular basis, compression stockings can delay, and sometimes even prevent, the onset of complications. They are the key to all phlebologic treatments.

Compression stockings must be replaced every six months because their efficacy decreases with time.

Knee-high stockings are just as effective as thigh-high stockings or pantyhose.

Even persons without venous insufficiency should always wear compression stockings on long flights.