Doctor David Bouaziz

Docteur Bouaziz David

  • Former hospital practitioner, University of Nice teaching hospitals (CHU de Nice)
  • Former university teacher, University of Nice Medical School
  • Former hospital practitioner, Princess Grace Hospital (CHPG Monaco)

Degrees in Vascular Medicine

  • University teaching hospitals: CHU de Montpellier (Saint Eloi Hospital), CHU de Marseille (La Timone Hospital), CHU de Nice (Saint Roch Hospital)
  • Member, French Society of Vascular Medicine (SFMV)
  • Member, French Society of Phlebology (SFP)
  • Member, Regional Vascular Medicine Association (ARMV)
  • Trained in the use of vascular and dermatologic lasers
  • University diploma in lymphology, CHU de Montpellier

Degree in Cosmetic Medicine

  • Degree in Anatomy of the facial structures applied to injection techniques and volume augmentation for cosmetic purposes
  • Member of the Advanced Society for Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery (SAMCEP)

Author of numerous publications on combination therapies associating:

  • Injection of a sclerosing agent, vascular laser, and lymphatic drainage – Mechano-stimulation associated with mesolifts, chemical peels and hyaluronic acid injections
  • Co-author of the article: Nasal arterial vasculature: Medical and Surgical Applications. Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery, Nov. 2012

Expert for ANTI-AGE magazine (Well-being and Medical Esthetics)

  • Preparatory degree for research in biology and medicine (DPRBM): Histology, embryology, molecular cytogenetics, biology of aging
  • Qualified in gerontology
  • University diploma in Emergency Medicine
  • Inter-university diploma: complementary training in gynecology-obstetrics